Closure of the gate on the Wolverhampton Road

All schools have a responsibility to regularly review their safeguarding and security measures. After our most recent review and after discussion with the primary school and the leisure centre we will be introducing some new safeguarding measures that will take effect from 8th September 2015.

Starting on Tuesday 8th September 2015, the following changes will take place:

• The rear gate onto the Wolverhampton Road will be locked at all times

• All students, visitors and parents will be required to enter and leave the school site via drive on Saredon Road

• Parents and visitors need to report to school’s reception and will not be allowed onto the school grounds during school hours unless supervised or authorized to do so

These changes are to improve further our safeguarding by ensuring that access to the site and school buildings are through the main entrance and reception, which are closely supervised.

We understand that these changes will affect a number of our students and parents, along with a small number of parents’ of children from Cheslyn Hay Primary School but ask for your cooperation, understanding and, most of all, patience as we implement these changes for the good of all students.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Thank you all for your cooperation and support.