Student Welfare

We are proud of our open and inclusive ethos as a school. Students have a tutor who will be the first point of contact for the student and the parent if there are any concerns. In addition, we have a team of learning mentors who are committed to tackling any barriers to learning that students might face and we have a successful tradition of work closely with outside agencies to support our students and their families.

We hope that the students and their parents will talk about any concerns they might have and that they come to see school as a safe place if there are any difficulties at home. Children’s worries and fears will be taken seriously if they seek help from a member of staff. Parents will normally be consulted and their consent obtained before any referral is made to an agency outside the school under local ‘child in need’ procedures. However, staff cannot guarantee to consult parents first, or to keep a student’s concerns confidential, if referral must be made to the appropriate agencies in order to safeguard the student’s welfare.