Pastoral Care

Form Tutors

Students are placed in a tutor group of approximately twenty-seven children that stays together until the end of Year 11. These groups are looked after by teachers who act as the students' tutors, meeting with their groups for at least twenty minutes a day. The tutors are responsible for the academic and personal progress and welfare of the students entrusted to their care. As you can imagine, over time they come to know their tutor group very well, perhaps better than anyone else at the school. As such, the tutor is the parent's first point of contact for most queries such as attendance, progress or uniform.

Heads of Year

All the tutor groups in one year are looked after by a Head of Year who coordinates the work of the Tutors. As well as being responsible for the academic and personal progress of the year as a whole, they deal with the more serious issues that sometimes arise. If a student is seriously under performing or experiencing a major problem, the Tutor will ask the Head of Year to become involved.

Learning Mentors

A team of learning mentors support the Heads of Year in each key stage ensuring there is appropriate support for pupils who struggle emotionally, have personal or behavioural difficulties.